Welcome to my little web project @ app-scape.de


This page and all linked services like Groupware or Remote Apps are based on multiple Cloud Platforms (IaaS / PaaS) in combination with a little proprietary environment. All in all you can say it is a Virtual Office Platform, can be used by small businesses like marketing companies or travel agencies.

My idea was and is to have a realistic, working, flexible and economic environment in place providing state- of-the-art IT services for business and also private use cases. I avail this environment for autodidactic learning, testing and development. It is also very feasible for knowledge sharing and live demonstrations used by the community.

I hope you like the content I am sharing on this web site and it helps you to get a little bit more familiar in this kind of platform, technology and cloud services.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me and the community if you are interested in what I am doing here or if there are any questions.


All the best

Daniel (AlirionX)

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